Big Boss HSP


Craving a feast that satisfies your inner carnivore and towers over your expectations? Look no further than Big Boss HSP, reigning supreme in both Kuala Lumpur and Selangor with their epic “Hero Shawarma Platters.” Imagine fluffy pita bread overflowing with a juicy avalanche of marinated meats – think flame-kissed chicken, succulent lamb, and savory beef, all artfully layered with crispy fries, tangy pickles, and a creamy garlic sauce. Each bite is an eruption of flavor and texture, a guaranteed journey to meaty Mount Everest with every mouthful.

Beyond the sheer abundance, Big Boss HSP wins hearts with its vibrant atmosphere and friendly service. The KL branch, nestled in the heart of the City Centre, pulsates with urban energy, while the Selangor outlet offers a more laid-back vibe – perfect for a relaxed gathering with friends and family. So, grab your appetite, gather your crew, and head to Big Boss HSP. Prepare to conquer a mountain of meaty goodness and be crowned a champion of flavorful feasting!


Kuala Lumpur